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National Sunglasses Day-4

Hi everyone, thank you for your patience in what has been a challenging period.

The past 1 year has been particularly memorable for Gorilla and everyone associated with the gym. We have enjoyed your patronage but much more, we feel that we have been able to bring communities and friends together for the love of climbing.

Unfortunately, due to business decisions and issues beyond our control, we have decided that Gorilla in its present location will remain closed. It has been a difficult decision to make given the bonds with the climbing community we have forged over this time. While we are sad that this has had to happen, we hope to one day come back again in another form or place.

For enquiries on refunds and other matters, please email enquiries@gorillaclimbing.com.
and bear with us if we take some time to sort things out.

Once again, we thank you for the fun times and your association with Gorilla. Our heart felt thanks to our staff, all volunteers/ambassadors and all our customers for your friendship and patronage.

Climb hard and stay safe
Felicia Lim





Gorilla Climbing Gym

Welcome to Gorilla Climbing Gym! Singapore’s newest and largest air-conditioned indoor climbing gym.
With full facilities for bouldering, speed and lead climbing, we can accommodate anyone and everyone, from beginners to world-class athletes.
Prepare to be inspired, refreshed and feel a sense of community once you walk through our doors.

What are you waiting for? Join the Gorilla Family today!

Community Classes at Gorilla!

Here at Gorilla, we are dedicated to growing the community and seeing everyone fall in love with climbing just like how we did!


We also understand how hard it can be to start something new, especially when you are alone in it.

We are here; to help you, guide you every single step. From the time you step into our gym, all the way to seeing you smile when you reach the last handhold!


Free classes every Monday and Tuesday evenings just FOR YOU! All the more reason to grab your friends and start climbing!

*Normal Entry fee applies

*Equipment not included

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Youth Climbing Academy (4 to 16)

The Youth Climbing Academy is a perfect start to your child’s psychomotor and mental development. Everyone has to start somewhere; there is nowhere else better than to start your young ones off on the right foundations. Our qualified and experienced instructors will be there to guide your child as they make bigger and better progress […]