Yoga Instructors


“Janna has been teaching yoga in and out of Singapore since she was twenty. She is the Head of Faculty for Dharana Yog, a Yoga Education School and is a certified E-RYT & YACEP with Yoga Alliance, US.

Janna holds a special interest in working with athletes and has completed training with Leah Kim (NIKE Global Yoga Master Trainer) & Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine) to equip her with the relevant knowledge to guide athletes to optimize their performance.

Janna believes in continuing education, no matter how accomplished we are in our respective fields. She strives to continue learning from different teachers and hopes that in return she is able to provide an enriching & holistic learning experience to her students.”

Yoga for Climbers|Athletes
• 60 minutes class.
• This combined practice focused on strengthen muscles, build stamina and endurance, while improving flexibility – learning to focus when the physical and
mental body is challenged.
• Intermediate/advanced postures may be introduced.



Perfect for newcomers to yoga. Estelle will guide you through the basics of breathing and posture alignment safely yet in a fun and light hearted environment. She will help you build a solid foundation which will inspire you to further explore your yoga practice. Regular yoga practitioners are welcome too!
Strength + Flexibility Yoga
Often we find ourselves too flexible but lacking of strength to hold plank or do push ups; and other opposite end very strong in holding planks and doing push ups but extremelystiff and cannot bend forward or touch our toes. In Strength +Flexibility, Estelle will lead you through carefully curated core and muscle strengthening asanas, combined  with complementary asanas that help increase flexibility. You will soon have Strength AND Flexibility!
Yin(Deep Stretch)
Yin(Deep Stretch) a slower practice of yoga, restorative and quiet to target the deep tissues of our body, also known as fascia. Your friendly instructor, Estelle will assist you in recovering from the use of yang tissue(the muscles), used during exercises and daily activities. As Yin poses are held for a longer time than in other yoga styles, our connective tissues are gently stretched. She will help you increase the flexibility of connective tissue, with poses that moderately stress the joints and connective tissues to strengthen and lengthen them.
Estelle will help you build strength & stability in and around your abdomen & spine Condition your arms, shoulders, thighs, gluts, back, and obliques. A strong core is vital for all types of exercises, including rock climbing, calisthenics, HIIT and free weights training.