Yoga @ Gorilla

“When I think I can’t hold on to a hold anymore, I breathe and imagine the wind blowing away the fatigue,” she says. “It suddenly gets effortless. When you don’t think about the outcome, energy comes from the sky.”


On her ascents of some of the world’s most difficult rock climbs, professional climber Martina Cufar often closes her eyes and simply imagines her muscles relaxing. She likens the experience to her yoga practice

It’s no secret that the flexibility gained from yoga is great for climbing. From drop-knees to heel-hooks, adequate flexibility is a necessary part of climbing movement. However, some of the ways that yoga can most positively impact climbers are often overlooked.

In fact, the structural stabilization, proprioception, and use of breath practiced in yoga can often be MORE BENEFICIAL for climbers than gains in flexibility.


“A space for climbers and anyone to become their better self with expert guidance.”

The key to mindfully tackling tough pitches? Strengthen your finger grip, increase your chest-and-shoulder flexibility, and improve your agility. Here, the yoga for climbers to boost performance and prevent injury.

We take care to ensure that each class is small enough so that you get the attention and space you need, while our expert teachers provide instruction that is easy to understand.

Yoga @ Gorilla offers a wide range of classes for all levels.