Fitness Classes

Climbing is all about core, flexibility, balance, precision, poise and composure. Given that most of us climb like … well, like rampaging gorillas, we are bringing in specialist expertise to help us tweak and hone these essential fundamentals.

These are exercises/toning regimes created specifically to complement and augment capabilities on the wall.

We are giving away complimentary day passes to Gorilla Climbing Gym for every fitness class sign up! Each introduction class is $16.00 (which includes a day pass for the day!)

Non-members to pay an additional $10.00 over the counter on the day of the class for membership fees.


Fitness Classes tryouts (Complimentary try outs from 1st -8th October 2018)

1. A Yin Yang practice involves two parts of a class: the first part, the Yang, is dedicated to more dynamic movements on strength and flexibility while the second part, the Yin, focuses on deep stretching and slower practice.

2. Stretch is mostly floor work, focused on large muscle groups. Helps to relieve tension and ideal for beginners or people with very tight muscles.

3. Barre fitness is a workout class combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates and Yoga. Expect a full body workout as they strengthen your core and tone your legs. You are bound to shake and feel the burn.

4. ClimbCardio is a more physical class than the rest, incorporating physical training into climbing more efficiently. The goal of this class is to increase your stamina and endurance with a lot of ground PT and minimal climbing.

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