SNCS Level 3

This course introduces the techniques of climbing bolted multi-pitch routes safely.

This course builds on the skills learned in SNCS/SCCL 1&2 courses. Hence, trainees should be familiar and confident with skills taught in these courses before undertaking the SNCS/SCCL 3 course.

Participants are to produce a valid SNCS/SCCL Level 1&2 certificate and SNAS Level 1 certification or undergo an assessment to ensure he/she is proficient in the skills acquired from the above courses. For assessments, please write to and we will arrange one for you.

  1. Lead Climbing
    • Artificial Climbing Walls vs Natural Rocks
    • Types of protection points
    • Multi-pitch climbing
  1. Introducing Equipment for Multi-Pitch Climb (usage, care, limitation)
    • Dynamic ropes – Single/Half/Twin
    • Accessory Cords/Prusiks (various diameters)
    • Quickdraws
    • Slings (Runners) / Tapes (safety slings, extension as Runners, anchors)
    • Belay devices
    • Circular descending devices (e.g. Figure-of-8, Harpoon)
    • Planular descending devices (e.g. Stich Plate)
    • Tubular descending devices (e.g. ATC)
    • In-Line adjustable devices (e.g. Rack)
    • Auto-locking descending devices (e.g. Gri Gri, Cinch, STOP)
  1. Knots & Hitches (usage, limitation, dressing)
    • Double Figure of 8 knots with double bight
    • Friction knots (Standard/Classic, Klemheist, French)
    • Overhand knot
    • Alpine Butterfly knot
    • Clove hitch
    • Girth hitch
    • Italian hitch (or Munter’s hitch)
  1. Anchor System
    • Criteria for anchors
    • Types of anchors (Self-equalized, Isolated/Static, Rope anchors)
  1. Multi-Pitch Climb
    • Leading & seconding – changeover
    • Setting up anchors (using slings/tapes, ropes)
    • Belaying (direct & indirect)
    • Pre-climb checks
    • Climbing commands
    • Safety considerations – anchors, fall factor, buddy check
  1. Understanding risk involving multi-pitch climbing
  1. Abseil
    • Abseil with backup (auto-block)
    • Counter-balance abseil
    • Stack abseil
    • Ascending on ropes (prusiking)

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