SNCS Level 2

This course is designed as a follow on from SNCS/SCCL 1.

This course builds on the top-rope skills acquired from SNCS/SCCL 1 and teaches a progression into lead climbing on artificial climbing walls.

Participants are to produce a valid SNCS/SCCL Level 1 certificate, or undergo an assessment to ensure proficiency in the skills acquired from SNCS/SCCL 1. For assessments, please write in to and we will arrange one for you.


Participants on this course should be confident in all the techniques covered at SNCS/SCCL 1 before undertaking this more advanced level course.

  1. Introduction to Lead Climbing
    • Top-rope Climbing vs Lead Climbing
    • Placement of protection points
    • Understanding Fall Factor and Impact Force
    • Understanding the anchor system on artificial wall
  1. Equipment Required for Lead Climbing (usage, care, limitation)
    • Dynamic rope vs Static Rope
    • Harness with gear loops
    • Quickdraws (Runners)
    • Slings / Tapes (safety slings, extension as Runners)
    • Friction devices – (Fig.8, Tubular)
    • Helmet
  1. Knots (usage, limitation, dressing)
    • Double Figure of 8 knot
    • Tape knot
  1. Belaying a Lead Climber using friction devices
    • Giving slack & taking-in
    • Belaying stance
    • Arresting a climber’s fall
    • Dynamic Belaying
    • Rope handling & management
  1. Lead Climbing & Techniques
    • Pre-climb checks
    • Clipping in techniques / prevention & undo “Z” clips
    • Runners’ placement/direction
    • Climbing on overhangs & roofs
    • Safe falling position
    • Climbing commands
    • Safety considerations – hand & foot placement
    • to avoid nasty rope burns, skipping runners, falling on a lead, buddy check

6. Top-out Technique

*We also offer refresher courses at a discounted rate if you have forgotten how to belay. Please email in to to enquire!

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