SNCS Level 1

The purpose of this course is to give participants an enjoyable, safe and informative introduction to sport climbing.

The course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of sport climbing.

Participants will be introduced to: equipment, climbing techniques

  1. Introduction to the Sport of Climbing
    • Development of climbing in Singapore
    • Concept of climbing
  • Sport climbing /Traditional climbing
  • Lead / Top-rope
  • Bouldering
  1. Introduction of Climbing Equipment (usage, care, limitation)
    • Ropes (Dynamic & Static)
    • Harness
    • Karabiner
    • Friction devices – (Fig.8 and Tubular)
    • Climbing shoes
    • Helmet
    • Chalk (drying agent)
    • Others – Quickdraws (Runners), Sling/Tape
  1. Tie-in Knot (usage, limitation, dressing)
    • Figure of Eight thread-through
  1. Belaying Technique (5 steps belay) using friction devices
    • Belaying a climber
    • Lowering a climber
    • Belaying stance
    • Arresting a climber’s fall
    • Rope handling & management
  1. Basic Climbing Technique
    • Use of handholds – Pinch, Grip, Underhand, Side pull, Sloper, Pocket
    • Use of footholds – Edging, Smearing
    • Basic wall configuration – Corners, Overhangs, Slabs, Roof
  1. Top-rope Climbing
    • Pre-climb checks
    • Climbing commands
    • Spotting
    • Safety considerations
    • Pendulums
    • Falling on other people
    • Rope placement
    • Buddy check

*We also offer refresher courses at a discounted rate if you have forgotten how to belay. *Weekday classes available on demand. 

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